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Preserve Fruits and Veggies Better in a Samsung Refrigerator

by May Fitzgerald

Preserve Fruits and Veggies Better in a Samsung Refrigerator

Keeping fruit and vegetables in ripe condition after a couple of days seems like an almost impossible feat. The moment you leave the store, the fruits already seem like they’ve aged. So, doing your part to preserve produce properly will help you keep them delicious for longer, and hopefully you’ll never need to waste any ever again.

With the assistance of a Samsung Refrigerator and its extra-large capacity (some have enough room to fit up to 28 bags of groceries), you’ll find that storing your fruits and vegetables for more than a week won’t leave you with a moldy problem.

Follow these guidelines to help preserve your fruits and vegetables like a pro in your awe-inspiring Samsung Refrigerator.

Separate the fruits and veggies

Fruits and veggies may mix together well for a diet, but when it comes to them being in the same drawer, they couldn’t be worse for each other. As fruits slowly age, they give off an ethylene gas which helps them ripen but ultimately makes vegetables spoil quickly. So, whatever you do, separate your fruits and vegetables into different drawers in your Samsung Refrigerator.

Let them have space

After a big grocery trip, it’s easy to just shove everything in the refrigerator and call it a day. But, your healthy treats need space in order to last a while, so storing them without strategy could cause them to rot rather quickly.

On a positive note, most Samsung refrigerators are built with an immense amount of space, so finding room for all your vegetables and fruit shouldn’t be an issue.

As long as you do the following with your produce before storing, you should be fine:

Preserve Fruits and Veggies Better in a Samsung Refrigerator

- Remove any ties and rubber bands

- Cut leafy ends off

- Allow for a good airflow by poking holes in bags

- No need to refrigerate your tomatoes

Use the Twin Cooling Plus feature

Refrigeration has evolved so that your fruits and vegetables can stay cooler and fresher for longer. With the Samsung Twin Cooling plus technology, your food will stay fresh for twice as long.

Because there is 70 percent humidity in these fridges, opposed to 30 percent in a conventional fridge, your food will never dry out. Produce will look so good that after a couple days, you won’t be able to tell how long they’ve been sitting in your fridge.

Humidity Controlled Crisper Drawers

For those fruits and veggies that need extra attention, find a Samsung refrigerator with Humidity Controlled Crisper Drawers. The compartments will help keep your produce crisp and fresh while providing a generous amount of space for all your greens and goodies.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your produce in good condition for more than a couple days, look no further than Samsung refrigerators. They have the capacity, the storage setup, and the advanced technology to prevent your produce from going bad.

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