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How to Install a Samsung Over the Range Microwave Oven

by Product Specialist IV

How to Install a Samsung Over the Range Microwave Oven

How to Install a Samsung Over the Range Microwave Oven

If you’re looking to give your kitchen a modern makeover, Samsung kitchen appliances are the perfect place to start. With a line of Wi-Fi connected devices and sleek, stainless steel options for every appliance you need, a Samsung kitchen is as smart as it is stylish.

If you’re thinking about making the switch, a Samsung Over the Range Microwave is a great place to start. High-powered convection technology warms food evenly and can even grill food to perfection. Follow these steps to easily install a new Over the Range microwave in your home.

1. Shut off the power to your kitchen to avoid electric shock. Make sure your outlet is properly grounded, too — your microwave’s 3-prong cord will need to be grounded to function.

2. The microwave will need to be attached to both a cabinet and the wall. Measure the space you plan to install your Samsung to make sure it’s at least 30 inches wide and 16.5 inches tall.

3. After unpackaging your new Samsung microwave, separate out the screws, mounting plate, and the two paper templates. Using a stud finder, locate wall studs under the cabinet. Find the left and right edges of each stud and draw vertical lines along each edge. The microwave will need to be attached to at least one wall stud, but it will be easier to install if you have two.

4. Draw a vertical line down the center point of the 30-inch-wide space. Tape the rear wall template that comes with your microwave to the wall, matching up with the center line and aligning the bottom edge with either the bottom of the cabinet, or the bottom of the cabinet frame if your cabinets have a recessed bottom.

5. Samsung microwaves have several different venting options. Whether you plan to use recirculating ventilation, or you want to connect your new microwave to existing ducts, follow your Samsung model’s instructions for activating the type of ventilation system you want to use.

6. Draw a horizontal line on the wall along the bottom of the rear wall template. Line up the bottom edge of your mounting plate with this vertical line. Find the holes on the mounting plate closest to the center of your wall studs, then attach the plate to each stud using wood screws. Screw in a toggle bolt at the vertical centerline you’ve drawn.

7. Attach the second template to the underside of the upper cabinet using tape, gum, or hot glue. Drill holes in the underside of the cabinet following the instructions written on the template.

8. Now it’s time to install the microwave. You might want to find a second person to help support the oven while you work. Thread the power cord up through a hole in the top cabinet. Holding the cord taught, tilt your Samsung forward and hook the slots at the bottom edge of the back of the microwave onto the four tabs on the mounting plate.

9. Tip the microwave back until it fits flat against the cabinet above. Keep the power cord tight to prevent it getting pinched. Secure the microwave by inserting 2 self-aligning screws into the holes on the left and right sides of the inside of the cabinet. If your cabinets have a recessed bottom, you’ll need to use filler blocks between the cabinet and the microwave to avoid damaging the bottom of the cabinet. Keep supporting the oven until you’ve screwed both screws at least two full turns. Continue tightening screws until the oven is sturdy.

Installing your own Samsung microwave only requires a few basic tools and some electrical know-how. After following these simple instructions (and checking the manual for your specific model), your new, high-tech microwave oven will be ready to go in no time.